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Web3 Applications

Exciton implementation of Web3 brings multichannel distributed presence business opportunities to the forefront. Web3 empowers personal data by putting individuals in the driver seat. Centralized data gathering, the hallmark of Web2 is no longer possible in a distributed future. Data ownership is individually sovereign. The derived value is gain by the individual. The ultimate in long-tail marketing gained through deep insight, personally controlled.

Augmented Reality

Exciton Augmented reality (AR) implementation bring a technologically augmented version of the real world that is created through the use of digital visual elements, music, or other sensory stimulation. It’s a developing trend among businesses that deal with mobile computing and commercial apps.

With Exciton AR’s traditional systems and big data gain become true value-enhancer for organizations to make better decisions provided by directed AR given rise to more directly responsive to consumer purchasing habits, among other things.

Metaverse Implementation

Exciton Metaverses go through implementation of a virtual world that duplicates features of the actual world utilizing technologies including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), social media, and digital currency. Virtual reality, or augmented reality as we know it now, might be used in the metaverse to immerse users in an alternate world. Exciton implementation with Internet-of-things (IoT) and Internet-of-Everything (IoE) is one of our unique Web3 Metaverse implementation expertise.

Industry 4.0

Exciton implementation of Industry 4.0 is the Web3 digital transformation of manufacturing/production and related industries, as well as value generation activities. Exciton Industry 4.0 is a new stage in the organization and control of the industrial value chain connecting to Web3 virtual and physical realities using end-to-end Custodial TrustTM.

Hyper-Local Ledgers

Exciton Hyper-Local Ledgers implementation is at the heart of the Web3 value and trust chain. The hyper-local ledger is motivated by two concerns as in real life: presenting the current value of a set of ledger states and capturing the history of the transactions that determined these values.

In a Hyper-local ledger network, it’s helpful to think of their being just one logical ledger. In actuality, the network keeps numerous versions of a ledger, all of which are kept in sync with each other by a process known as consensus. Exciton Hyper-Local Ledgers implements a Spread Ledger Technology (DLT), as it is logically unique with MCC distribution across a network.

Metaverse Business Modeling

Exciton Metaverse Modeling consists of the following domains:
1. Sports and Music
The Metaverse Sports and Music Arena would give up a slew of new content development opportunities for spectators, athletes, and musicians alike. Rights holders will be able to interact with fans in a creative way and drive user-generated content through the integration of multi-view and simultaneous playback possibilities.
It allows virtual fans to watch sports games and get a distinct perspective on what it’s like to be close to the players.
Persistent venues where various artists can perform, just like in real life, will be possible in the metaverse. It will provide users more visibility and flexibility while also ensuring that artists have predictable audiences.

2. NFT Unique Product Sales
Unique products such as a bottle of 1982 Lafite can be authenticated by an NFT which help provide value for customers. NFTs are very useful for tokenizing collectible and one-of-a-kind products. New worlds of economic potential are emerging as a result of NFTs and the metaverse. Many of these new advancements are being led by the consumer products industry.

3. NFT Music/Art/Sports Work and Collectible Sales
Galleries are currently the most popular business model in Metaverse, which is most likely due to the intrinsic relationship between NFTs and the arts/sports. Many of Metaverse’s earliest active members are those in the art, music, or sports businesses.

4. Data Service
Metaverse is no exception to the rule that data is everywhere. Platforms require visitor information for each shipment. Prospective purchasers are looking for historical information on the parcels for sale. Prospective sellers require market information in order to determine their asking price. Visitors are curious about where they should go. Each of the points above need data to be supported. A professional data analytics service might grow into a significant business.

5. Sales of Vox and Parcel
The Metaverse, unlike the actual world, is formed of different materials, such as CryptoVoxels, parcels, and their construction.

6. Immersion
Immersion is a state of mind in which people become so absorbed in the created environment that they lose track of time. Based on specialized building design and 3D devices, Metaverse is a natural venue for immersive experiences.

7. Games
Games are easily integrated into Metaverse due to their virtual nature. The Sandbox, for example, is a community-driven blockchain game platform that allows designers to convert voxel assets and in-game equipment into NFTs on the blockchain. Games can also be included in other metaverse platforms. Because the in-game objects are NFTs, players can invest in NFTs while playing these on-chain games.

Trust Monetization

Exciton implements our unique Custodial TrustTM for trust monetization. Based on our premise that Web3 future is one of many blockchains all co-existing, all required a measure of trust to interoperate. Trust has value, and securitized trust is real Web3 value. At Exciton, we firmly belief that Value and Gravity Web3 is about personal value and hyperlocal context. Gravity within the system forms through interconnected value.

Moving from one chain to another (DEX) is unreliable today and fraught with risk. Chain governance is also unreliable and often overly complex. Exciton trust monetization follows Occam’s principle of least complexity for maximum value.

The Foundation is all Layer 1 blockchains, and everything in between. This includes Bitcoin and Ethereum chains, as well as all other well-known. We believe these base chains are core to the future, however they are not transactional in nature and require proof of stake or work to function. There are a multitude of transactional level trust chains that can be integrated today to bridge these worlds. Exciton trust monetization integration them together under the Collectives self-selected or common values.

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