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Our Mission and Vision

We believe value born of the Collective interest can positively change the world and our mission is to make this possible.

Our vision is to provide a path to the good within all living things through realized value by fostering awareness to open a world of interconnected possibilities and expose the interdependent common interests throughout humanity.

Why Exciton?

Exciton Multiverse Corporation will provide the teams, talent and energy to bring Web3 into reality.



We partner across sectors, with the entertainment, consumer organizations and industry to bring Web3 and individualized value to the forefront by combining traditional and emerging business opportunities in creative ways. We bridge the gap between old and new worlds with creative, technical, legal, and consulting services


Core Elements

  • The Collectives
  • Awareness
  • Interdependence
  • Interconnectedness
  • Transparency


We’ve seen that protest is short lived. It costs too much energy, the movement collapses and cannot be sustained. It also generates equal counter forces. As we assert the positive, we gain a foothold, value grows.


Exciton brings the people and technology together to bridge between current and future worlds. We are a Web3 Production Company – We turn trust into value.

About Exciton Web3

Built on decentralized blockchain technologies, Web3’s foundation began with Bitcoin following the 2008 Economic Meltdown. At the core, cryptocurrency chains are slow and not built for scalable e-commerce. Additionally, independent chain governance models and personalities are not aligned with Exciton’s core philosophies in their current states.

Bitcoin’s entrance into the world on January 3 of 2009, focused on a new currency that could not be controlled by central authority. The Occupy Wall Street movement arose, but as with any opposition, angst-based effort, the energy required to sustain decayed. Bitcoin seemed esoteric.  It took until 2011 or 2012 for it to gain traction and only after Ethereum was launched in 2015 did the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) revolution truly begin. In between DeFi iterations have created demand and concern. Fast forward to 2022, DeFi fluctuations and instability via Governance mechanisms is still a cause for concern. These elements, cryptocurrency, and Layer 1 chain slowness, sidechain, and even Polygon commit chain are the key reason to remove Cryptocurrency from the immediate next phase, Web3 opportunities.


Send us a request for information from our ample Web3 technical resources library or send us a request if you are considering a Web3 or Metaverse implementation.

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